Sleep#103:You make it okay!

Everytime I lose my way

You make it all okay

Your love surrounds me

You calm my fears  in me

Your sweet songs lead me home

To a place where I love to roam

Life: Make the best out of it!

I was 21 years old when I finished my college degree. I started working in one of the prestigious montessory schools in the pearl of the orient seas.

After finishing my second year of service in the said institution, I was luckily hired to teach in the land of smile. Staying and teaching in the kingdom are both socially and finacially rewarding because of the amazing people, palatable food, life style and colorful culture.

A decade of stay in that Thai Navy School was like a roller coaster ride.  The twist and unexpected life experiences were worth treasuring. I met my soulmate, got married, had a son, and started my own family away from home.

It was also in the land of smile that I finished my master’s degree. I thought my degree would bring me home. Hoping that I could land a brighter teaching position way back home.

I began posting my online application and recieved numerous replies. To make the long story short, I was hired in the Middle East together with my family instead in my own country.

I arrived here with so much dreams and expections. Thinking that this would give my family a better and brighter future. Yes, the compensation is worth the distance we traveled, but the extreme weather conditions and the very conservative society made us feel uncomfortable and unhappy.

The situation allowed us to recollect the place where I belong. It made me remember the place where I started. The people whom I could call brothers and sisters. A family that I could rely on.

Eventhough I tried hard to blend to the place where I am now but there is no really any place like home. No matter how successful am I in the place that I have been to, I would always aspire to go and be back in my native land.

I just hope that one day, I could still be home in my own country. Free to do what I could be and be of great help to my countrymen.

As of the moment, the only thing that I could advice to the people who shared the same sentiments with me is that let’s do our best in our own chosen field. Let’s be grateful of the present blessings that we have. Let’s blend and enjoy the stay but most of all let’s save and be financially prudence. So that when we finally decide to fly back home. It would be easy for us to do so.



Student#102: Let them be!

We often want them to pay attention.

We let them sit and listen every session.


We reprimand the untoward attitude.

We let them take tests to check their aptitude.


We often confine them in the walls.

We let them talk but following the rules.


We often teach them with fervor.

But we let them learn with our favor.


Did we really let them experience to be a student? If not, please let them be!



Life: Respect it

I was watching a documentary about the lives and experiences of different people coming from different walks of life. Some of them are high profile individuals in the society while some are very  unfortunate and less previledge ones.

Each one of them have their own stories to tell. They described life based on thier own situations and experiences. Some described it with sweetness like honey and cream but most of them defined it with bitterness and difficulty.

Despite the variety of definitions they have given, I realized that they have one thing in common. They continue living life with great hope and confidence. They are ready to accept any circumtances that their lives may bring.

So let’s define and live our own lives and respect the life of others.